We pride ourselves in quickly funded loans and offer the most competitive interest rates and closing costs available. Our funds are for non-owner-occupied investment properties only and must be made via a borrower entity. Primarily we offer loans for purchase, refinance, fast-cash, construction, investment rehab “flips" and etc.

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We have more Monies to Lend than Deals on the Table$$$

What is a Private Money Lender?

It is a private, nonbank property-secured loan. Our loans are usually short-term and typically used to purchase various types of real estate including rental and investment properties. We are looking for great deals that are on the table and just funding or for people that need funding to close a deal.   

Can we help you?

These loans can be a solution for individuals or entities needing to be financed quickly but are not eligible for the traditional loans due to unverifiable income or lack of documentation. Our loans are backed by equity and have a comparatively low Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. 

What you must have at the least?

Typically, all you usually need to have is the down payment or property equity to act as collateral. The loan is not based on credit only or many other things that traditional financial entities desire. Borrowers with low credit scores but considerable equity in a property can also use private money lenders to cash out on their equity and use the cash for other projects.